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Proper nutrition is key to a healthy lifestyle.  The PowHer Fitness Nutrition Guide will help you understand how to create healthy meals that will provide energy, support lean muscle and maintain a healthy weight.  We've done the work and created meals that will PowHer up you body with the micros and macros you need.  No quick fixes just science.  Eat whole unprocessed foods in smaller more frequent meals.  

The program includes:

  • CLEAN EATING MEAL GUIDE to teach you how, what and when to eat.  We promote smaller more frequent meals created with lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats. 
  • HIGH PROTEIN MEAL GUIDE to PowHer up your body and build lean muscle.
  • CARB ROTATION MEAL GUIDE to follow periodically and shed extra weight and blast through fat.
  • GROCERY GUIDE to help navigate the grocery store and make better nutritional choices
  • PORTION CONTROL suggestions on proper portion sizes for each category of food.  
  • SUPPLEMENTATION GUIDE suggestions on how to fill in nutritional gaps and support a strong body with high quality supplements

Your program will be delivered via email in a PDF format.  Please be sure to download and save the program to your computer/device.  You will only have 3 opportunities to download.

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